The Best Transaction Lawyers in China

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Lawyers get less of the credit and take more of the abuse than most other professions. They’re mainly the butt of jokes. A favorite of mine comes from Mark Twain: “It is interesting to note that criminals have multiplied of late, and lawyers have also; but I repeat myself.” 

Of course much of the most biting criticism is aimed at American lawyers, who just about outnumber the rest of the developed world’s lawyers combined. 

In China, the practice of law is still a relatively new profession. Despite having a population over four times larger than the USA, China has only one-tenth the number of lawyers. In my particular area of private equity, IPO and institutional investment, talented and experienced Chinese lawyers are exceedingly rare. 

But, as is often the case, quantity doesn’t determine quality.  I’m fortunate to work alongside some of the very best legal minds in China. Shenzhen has a particularly strong group of private equity and IPO lawyers. There are two reasons for this: first, Shenzhen is home to the first stock market opened in China. And second, this part of China has more great private entrepreneurs, per square inch of real estate, than probably anywhere else in the world. 

The following is my personal list of the best securities and private equity lawyers. I know, have worked with or have met all of them. I can give them all the fullest recommendation. They are all first-class lawyers, and first-class people. 

Along with being a credit to their profession, these lawyers are a key part of ecosystem for financing the growth of great companies in China. The lawyers are a big part of the reason why the private equity industry in China has quickly grown so large and achieved such a high rate of success, both for PE firms working here and entrepreneurs receiving the financing.

 Private Equity, IPO, Securities Lawyers, Shenzhen  (all are bilingual Chinese-English) 

  • Cao Yuhui, King & Wood, Partner. Tel: 0755 2216 3310 – The dean of PE lawyers in Shenzhen and “first among equals” on this list
  • Elliott Chen, Junzejun Law Offices,  Partner. Tel: 0755 3398 8655
  • Luo Ke, Fangda Partners. Partner. Tel: 0755 8256 0188
  • Tong Ke, Jun He Law Offices,  Partner. Tel: 0755 2587 0775
  • Zhang Jianwei, Jun He Law Offices, Partner. Tel: 0755 2584 1025
  • Jack Lai, Zhong Lun Law Firm, Partner. Tel: 0755 3320 6898

Private Equity, IPO, Securities Lawyers, Beijing (all are bilingual Chinese-English) 

  • David Yu, Horwath Capital China, CEO & Managing Director. Tel: 010 85171616 ext.386 – Lawyer and CPA, with vast knowledge, experience, deal-making prowess and integrity
  • Richard Guo, Fangda Partners. Partner, Tel: 010 6505 2775

For General Corporate Law, I can also recommend two experienced, highly-competent professionals:

  • Yang Song, Guang Dong Ruan Guan Law Firm. Partner. Tel: 0755 2901 300
  • Brian Su, Greenleaf Law Firm. Tel: 1351 058 5835