Asian Venture Capital Journal reports on China First Capital partnership with Horwath

China First Capital article in Asia Venture Capital Journal

The Asian Venture Capital Journal’s latest issue includes a short article on China First Capital’s partnership with Horwath.

You can read it here:

The reporter, Maya Ando,  contacted me originally by email, and ended up doing the “interview” by email as well. While the spontaneity and give-and-take of an in-person interview is lost, it’s a good journalist technique. It reduces the ever-present likelihood of errors and misquoting. Accuracy, not friendly banter,  should be the journalist’s goal, after all.  

I wish email interviews had been possible back in the Stone Age when I was a journalist for Forbes. Virtually no one had email. I remember spending days, even as a senior editor, trying to track down sources by phone or fax to check their facts.